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Number 4 July - August 2014

This year Lancaster Mennonite Conference selected Jeremiah 29:4-14 as a focus Dwelling in the Word text for the year. As we dwell in this text in staff and board meetings, I have grown in my conviction that God has a specific word for LMC in this text. In verse 7, God's people are instructed to "seek the peace and prosperity of the city" in which they found themselves. As exiles in a place far from home, God's people were called to pray for and invest themselves in the well-being of their new neighbors.

So it is with the church today. In Acts 1:8, just prior to his ascension, Jesus made it abundantly clear that the mission of his followers begins at home in Jerusalem. God intends for his people to be a Kingdom presence in the local neighborhood, a presence that invites people into a relationship with Jesus.

I wonder if we have allowed the church to become an abstract construct of organizational imagination. Perhaps we have forgotten that the church is a specific people located in a specific place and called to represent the Kingdom of God in that place. A church that fails to do so is in need of renewal.

Can we recover a mindset that understands the church as a people called by God into redemptive engagement of the local culture? As we live into a missional church vision, my prayer is that congregations all across LMC will find ways to invest themselves in the spiritual and material needs of their local community. As people of Christ's peace, we will always think local first!

L. Keith Weaver is moderator of Lancaster Conference. He is a member of Blainsport Mennonite Church in Reinholds, Pa.


Bhutanese Nepali Church-Lancaster (BNCL)

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As a little girl, I remember being in the garden on July-warm Wisconsin days with my mother and siblings. She worked bent over, plucking beans from verdant bushes and smooth pods from pea vines. Deftly she tossed them into recycled ice cream buckets. I invested my energy in finding the fattest pea pods, sliding them open like natural mini-Ziploc packages, and popping four or five plump peas into my eager mouth. They were like candy.

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Barely tall enough to reach the pedals of the Allis Chalmers G, I slowly crept the tractor down the long row. Behind me, Grandpa Phares Livengood whistled softly while spraying grapevines with a hand-held wand. This special Saturday morning ritual was significant in my odyssey to manhood. I can still hear the sounds of tractor, sprayer motor, and birds in my ears. The mysterious smells of the sprays we used to battle Japanese beetles, chestnut weevils, and funguses whispered promises. The togetherness Grandpa and I shared as we mixed fungicide and insecticide to follow the every-two-week schedules for fruit and nut crops remains palpable. These sounds, smells, and sense of togetherness defined our relationship. click to read more...
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